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Librarians in Canvas

A guide to collaborating with librarians within Canvas.

Why add librarians in Canvas?

Why add a librarian to your course?

The Librarian role is a new role created within Canvas that allows you to add librarians to your course so that they can interact with students, share resources, and more seamlessly support your classes.

This guide will introduce you to the role, how to add a Librarian, and what a Librarian can do for your class.


Benefits of Adding a Librarian

The Librarian role allows librarians to be embedded into your class so they can support your students in different ways:

  • Librarians can engage in discussions with your students.
  • Librarians can offer appointments with students for research help through the calendar function.
  • And we can create modules and/or pages of library resources for easy student access.

How many of these things you choose to offer your students is up to you and your librarian, but they are all possible!

What Librarians Can't Do

The Librarian role does NOT allow the following, if you're worried:

  • Librarians can't see or change student grades.
  • Librarians can't make any changes to your existing content.