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A guide for locating resources relevant to assignments in Psychology classes.


This Psychology Research Guide is intended to help you:

  • Find information about psychology and related subjects.
  • Locate research articles on psychology topics.
  • Locate books, e-books and streaming videos.
  • Learn to cite sources about psychology

 Research Tip: How to Broaden Your Search

  • Use ORs and parentheses to combine synonyms or multiple topics
    • (oil OR petroleum OR crude)
    • (antibiotic OR antiviral)
    • (woman OR girl OR female)
  • Truncate roots of important words to find plurals and more
    • perform* (searches for perform, performance, performativity, etc.)
    • cell$
    • pregnan!
  • Insert a wild card symbol to catch words with different spellings
    • wom?n
    • coloni#ation
    • colo$r

*Truncation and wild cards work differently in different databases. Check the help section of the database to learn what symbol to use and how to properly use it.

Credit: Williams Libraries. Used by Springshare with permission.

Creative Commons License