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Political Science and International Studies

Political Science and International Studies resources of various kinds

Country and International Studies

  • The Europa Year Book. Also in paper format 2004-2017. Ref JN 1 .E85. An annual publication, Europa provides statistical and directory information on the countries of the world. The introductory surveys give narrative information on a country's political, cultural, and economic activities.
  • U.S. Bilateral Relations Fact Sheets (formerly Background Notes). Published by the US Department of State, this collection includes short, authoritative pamphlets providing information about countries, territories, and international organizations. Each Background Note features information about a country's people, land, history, government, politics, political conditions, economy, and foreign relations. 
  • IMF Country Information.
  • Country Profiles by BBC.
  • Country Studies by the Library of Congress.
  • Demographic Yearbook. Annuaire Demographique (online, current). 1948-2006 in print at REF & OVSZ HA 17 .D45 This U.N. publication provides international statistical data, such as population, vital statistics, infant mortality, and migration. Each edition has a special focus.
  • Political Handbook of the World. Current (2018-2019) and recent (2016-17) available online. Available historically in print: 1930-1974 and 1975-2010. REF & OVSZ JF 37 .P6A Published annually, this book includes detailed political information on every country in the world.
  • Statesman's Yearbook. 1899-2012. Basement JA 51 .S7 Published biennially, this source describes more than twenty major international organizations in some detail, as well as providing information on the history, area and population, climate, constitution and government, GNP, defense, commerce, communications, foreign relations, social climate, and diplomatic representatives for the countries of the world. Brief bibliographies complete each entry.
  • World Factbook by CIA. Country profiles.
  • Yearbook of the United Nations. Searchable online, including a timeline. Historical print 1946-2005. Ref JX 1977 A37 Y4 Discontinued in 2015. Published annually, it describes the functions, responsibilities, and activities of the United Nations in regards to areas such as political and security questions, regional questions, economic and social questions, legal questions, and administrative and budgetary questions. Also provides information on intergovernmental organizations related to the U.N., and provides general information about the history of the United Nations and how it is structured.