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This guide is dedicated to all manner of leisure reading, our collections aren't just for housing a wide variety of useful research material (though we have that too) we also house a wide array of graphic novels, films and popular reading materials to hel


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Meg Frazier
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Graphic Novels, comic books and Manga as a whole are varied in genre and often bleed between genres. They aren't as easily defined as some other entertainment modes. A story could be a superhero story with horror elements that is also a period piece about the late 19th century that is also a murder mystery. Because of the subjective nature of genre titles, this LibGuide is going to be using the Comixology genre applications as a way to standardize our categorizations for this LibGuide. This should act as a disclaimer that just because a certain book falls under a given category doesn't mean that it can't also be categorized in another genre. 


Here is a link to Comixology's genre lists.

LibGuide Contributors

This LibGuide was created in collaboration between Atticus Garrison and Kent Wagenschutz

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